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5 Inch Open Tip Penis Extension

Open up your partner wider than ever before! This hollow girth expander slips easily onto your penis so that you can pound your partner with an all-new cock! Soft and...
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Copper Double Chain Nipple Clamps

Get the exciting look of decadent rose gold in this exciting copper-hued set of nipple clamps! The vinyl tips enhance grip, while providing comfort. The spring hinge has an adjustable...
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Rubber Open Mouth Piss Gag

This is an excellent 100% rubber open mouth gag. The mouth piece is made of heavy rubber keeping the mouth from closing. The hole is a whopping 1.5 inches in...
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Rubber Penis Gag With Airway

For those that are looking for an all rubber inflatable gag, this is it! This penis gag has a.5 inch hole that feeds through a 9 inch long hollow rubber...
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Black Hood With Eye Mouth And Nose Holes

This latex hood adds a sexy and extreme element to your repertoire, whether you are into bondage, fetish clothing, or just looking to try something new and exciting! This tight-fitting...
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Mens Large Elbow-length Gloves

These Elbow-Length Latex Gloves are the perfect accessory for those who enjoy bondage, fetish wear, or just want to explore their partner in a new, intimate way. Whether you are...
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Black Steel Handcuffs

Made of high quality black plated steel, these cuffs are also double locking to prevent your partner from escaping! Since they are designed for official police use, you can be...
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7.5 Inch Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo

This vibrating dildo offers more than 5 inches of deep penetration. You can also use the attached control to enjoy multi-speed vibrations, as well. If you do not wish to...