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Silicone Ball Gag With Rose

Gag them with roses with this Full Bloom silicone ball gag! The sultry red and black lace strap is comfy and provides an enticing lingerie aesthetic on your subjects face...
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Pie Hole Silicone Feeding Gag

Plug up their pie hole with this unique silicone gag. Push the ring past their teeth and secure the soft straps at the nape of their neck. The buckle can...
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Leather Covered Ball Gag

Play the quiet game with your partner when you shut them up with a beautiful leather gag. Place the ball into their mouth behind their teeth, then fasten the buckle...
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Silicone Bone Gag

This inhibiting bone gag will help you train and control your pet comfortably. Made of premium silicone, this semi-realistic dog bone gag consists of two adjustable 12 inch silicone straps...
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Eyelet Ball Gag

This wicked gag fully covers and stuffs the mouth of your plaything, while presenting you with an O-ring for attaching other BDSM accessories! Just buckle the adjustable strap to the...
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Ashtray Ball Gag

Transform your partner into a human ashtray with this evil device for forniphiliacs and smoking fetishists. This gag allows you to keep your slave or sub silent, their mouth stuffed...
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Rubber Penis Gag With Airway

For those that are looking for an all rubber inflatable gag, this is it! This penis gag has a.5 inch hole that feeds through a 9 inch long hollow rubber...
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Strict Leather Ring Gag- Small

Keep open all the kinky possibilities with the Strict Leather Ring Gag. This gag forces your subs mouth open and allows you to use your imagination after that! This ring...