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Throbbin Hopper Cock And Ball Ring With Vibrating Clit Stimulator

This highly stimulating couples toy will create an exciting new sexual experience for both of you! The two stretchy, but firm rings wrap around his package: the thicker one around...
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Red Dragon 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set

Create a steamy bondage experience with a 5 piece kit that is attractive, comfortable, and easy-to-use. Newcomers to kink and BDSM will appreciate the style and convenience of each accessory...
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Violets Silicone Nipple Suckers

Heighten your sensual experience with a set of premium silicone nipple suckers! Place each one against your nipples and squeeze the textured bulb to pump, creating suction. As blood flow...
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Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader

Specially designed for the body of a woman, this unique oral enhancer will open you up for pleasure! Just bend to your desired narrowness and slip inside. The bump in...
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Frisky Display Sign

Cap off your Frisky display with an attractive and functional planogram banner. Printed on heavy cardstock, this display sign will let your customers know what they are buying and where...
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Heart Beat Silicone Heart Shaped Mouth Gag

Keep your lover quiet with a sexy heart-shaped gag that allows you to keep the romance in your BDSM sessions. Push the odorless and tasteless silicone into their mouth and...
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Heart Ache 5 Piece Heart Accented Bondage Set

Spice up the evening with a foray into bondage! Bind your lover in this elegant set of heart accented accessories. Restrict their mobility with ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. Turn...
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Icy Jewel Anal Plug

Slip this smooth, petite plug into your anus to enjoy the hard weight! The heart-shaped jewel at the base makes this buttplug perfect for surprising your partner for a night...